Zoya Dillon

Hello beautifuls. I got a deal at Ulta for buy two get one free Zoyas. I've been putting it on hold for some reason but not today! I have for you Zoya Dillon today. It is described as green mint metallic with a silver shimmer. To me it's more of a sea foam green and it looks very shimmery. I have on two coats over a base and with a top coat. The formula was a teeny bit thick for me as what I'm used to for Zoya's but I think it's because of all the shimmer packed into it. Their solid colors are more liquid-y. Also I tried stamping again and used my old Konad stamper and A-England Dragon and stamped some pretty flower design on my accent nail.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I will post the other polishes I got throughout the week but it's a bit tight packed due to my new 30 Day Challenge (: Yay. Happy Wednesday!

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