Nautical Nails

Apologies for not posting earlier. My employers gave me more days to work and well it got so exhausting that I didn't even turn on the computer. I just came home and knocked out. So today I have for you some nautical nails. I've done nautical nails before with some polishes from Polish Me To Go. This time I did them with Zoyas.
I used Zoya Edie as my base for my thumb, pointer and pinky. Used striping tape on my pointer and pinky and covered it with Essie Blanc. Changed up the stripes so that it looked like one had more blue and the other white. The decal used was from Polish Me To Go. I had them in silver and wanted to make it red so I painted over it with Zoya Maura... Like a dummy I didn't wait for it to dry fully so that's why you see the white background kinda pink and splotched with random white spots... My accent finger is Zoya Solange.
Over all I NEED TO GET BETTER WITH MY STRIPING -.- Damn tape and me being super impatient on letting it dry. I do like the color combos that I did. What do you ladies think?

Sidenote: Tomorrow is the last day for 15% off polishes in my store!

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