Kagome & Mel's 30 Day Nail Challenge!

So my awesome friend Melanie and I decided we needed to really work on our blogs and we're doing a 30 day challenge! This challenge will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday. Today is the first day~ (: If you guys want to join in with us the tag is going to be #KAGOMEL30 on instagram.
Today is Day 1 and we're doing waterfalls. Funny story the first bestie twin mani that we ever did was waterfall nails so that's why it is our first theme! So for my waterfall design I used Polish Me To Go's Cool Blue as my base and then used Zoya Goldie, Seraphina and Nyx to do the waterfall. My accent nail is a reverse waterfall with piCture pOlish Lagoon as my base and the Zoya's as my waterfall design.

The awesome part about this is that IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! Well the base only hahas. So here are some pictures with my nails under a black light. 

Stay tuned every Tuesday and Thursday for our 30 Day Challenge! Follow us on our Facebook [Aisuru Nails & Melanie Og] and Instagram [Aisuru Lacquer & Melanie_Og]!

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