Car Logo Inspired - Subaru STI nails

So I'm very much into cars. Started driving at 14 and got my license at 17. I live in NYC and you really don't need a license cause we have the subway and buses but watching movies and growing up with Speed Racer I actually wanted to learn lol. Didn't help that I loved arcades and the games I'd always run to were Cruisin' and Initial D. I'd like to actually build my own car from the ground up one day. So enough of my history of love for cars, today I thought I'd do some logo nails. One of my favorite cars is actually the Subaru STi.
I used all sorts of polishes to create this look. So let's start off with my pointer and pinky's base. The base color is Magnum Opus by Cirque Colors. I chose it because it reminds me of carbon fiber kinda. I drew the STi logo using Zoya Maura. On my middle and ring finger the silver outline and stars are drawn using Zoya Seraphina. The blue background is Color Club Insta-This. The turquoise is Essie In the Cab-ana and the grey is Zoya Dove.

close up of Subaru Logo
close up of STi Logo
I think I'm going to start doing more Logo Inspired nails. Practice on my nail art and stuffs (: Any other logos you'd like to see? Doesn't have to be cars!

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