Purple Watermarble

I haven't done water marbling in a while and I really... REALLY... I mean super duper REALLY OMG I CANT.. suck at them lol! So I decided to try my hand at it again. There's so many videos on youtube and tips and tricks from many blogs that I've seriously tried to follow but I think my issue is that... I'm not quick enough, don't use enough polish, I'm not putting my finger in the right way, etc. But I have to say I'm very proud of this attempt this time. I'm going to try water marbling again in the upcoming week to see if there's a difference.

So here I have Sephora's Pedal to the Metal as my base. I used Skin Food's Ice Cream Polish in Blueberry and Essie's Blanc for my water marble colors. I need to work on my water marbling but like I said I'm happy with this turnout. I just wish I didn't have bubbles!

So I really need to figure out how get designs on my nail and not just fingerprint swirls. Next water marble attempt I want to try to make it kinda floral-ish, add dots and what not (: If you know any other helpful hints and tricks to nail the water marble design please let me know!

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