piCture pOlish; Shy Violet

Hey beautiful peoples~ Cananada (if this offends any Canadians I apologize but this is how I refer to my Canadian friend) got me another awesome piCture pOlish color and this one is also a collaboration polish with Glam Polish. This awesome color is called Shy Violet.

Shy Violet is a bright purple with a scattered holographic sparkle. It reminds me of an amethyst stone. I have here 2 coats over a base with a top coat. Again I apologize for my cuticles. (Oh my god I can see the cuts I had from work when I did these... winter really does take a toll on my hands when I don't take care of them.)

What are your thoughts on this color? I have to say it's one of my favorite purples that I own. Then again it's definitely different than the other ones I have.

Thanks to Cananada for being an awesome friend and getting me awesome polishes <3 I have two more to show off so look for those!

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