Ozotic; Scatter Chrome 912

Holy guacamole~! I'm still hereeeee (in it for the long run peoples) here is the final polish I received from my Canadian friend. It is Ozotic 912 from the Scatter Chrome collection.

This baby is stunning, gorgeous and just WOW.  912 is a purple chrome polish that has a slight shift that goes through pink and at extreme angles bronze. It is part of the Scatter collection because it does contain small holo flakes which make the scattered holo effect when in direct lighting. Even without direct lighting you can see the scatter holo effect and it's just cool beans. I have here 2 coats over a base with a top coat.

Can't really see the chromatic effect huh? Well you see the scatter effect! Lol. In the last picture you can kind of see the chromatic effect by my nail beds.

This concludes the Canadian package my friend sent me and I hope to expect more! Thank you again for being an awesome friend. Here's actually a picture of us when he came to visit me in NYC! I hope to see you soon and maybe take a trip up north ^^

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