Ozotic 505

Oh em gee... really three days straight? I'm on a roll here! (: So Cananada got me polishes that I couldn't really find here in the States. I appreciate it very much that you (yes, you Cananada) got me pretty pretty colors!! So I've seen many many other nail girls have a brand called Ozotic and it just blew me away how gorgeous this brand is. To finally get my hands on one was like someone handed me the golden ticket to the chocolate factory hahas.

Here is Ozotic 505. It is a multi-chromatic polish that shifts green, cyan, purple and blue. It is more for layering than anything else. I didn't use any underlays but it is suggested if you want the full multi-chromatic effect. I have three coats on it's own over a base and with a top coat. The formula is so smooth and didn't bubble or streak which is always a plus.

I tried to capture the color shifts as best I could. I'm blown away by this color and it's just amazing. Yes I did stare at it endless for a good 5 minutes in the light going back and forth watching it shift hahas. I also showed the swatches to some of my guy friends and I kid you not some of them were amazed just like me. (They giggled too shhhh I didn't say anything ^^)

Anyone else have other Ozotic colors? I'd like to know other must haves from this brand ^^

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