Introducing Hayashi of Aisuru Lacquer!

So I'm excited to announce that I am finally releasing my colors! I have 5 colors. Today I will be showing you Hayashi the last one of the bunch. It means Forest and it is a deep forest green polish with silver dusting. This polish is very special to me. It pretty much signifies my family name. My last name means forest and well I wanted to make something I could be extremely proud of and this is definitely something I am proud of.

Swatches are done by me and photos are taken under a light box indoors. You can see all the glitter in the polish bottle and on my nail. This is one coat over a base and with a top coat.

Hayashi will be available for pre-order next week! Excited? (: I know I am! That's all the colors from my premier collection! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. My shop is live to view the colors so it would mean the world if you could check it out and keep it in mind!

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