Beach Theme Nail Art

So summer is approaching and some of my girl friends and I were talking about going to the beach and well I saw these beach themed nails and wanted to recreate them. Needless to say... I AM VERY RUSTY T^T.

I was inspired by @kbkopija on Instagram. She did a tutorial and everything and I followed it and I think I still failed hahas. Here is her version and below is my version.

I used Color Club's Mod Manhattan, Essie's In the Cab-ana, and Color Club Blue-Ming to make the ombre water. Then I used Essie's Blanc in a thing of water and used hair spray to try and get the "wave" effect. I then used some more of Color Club's Mod Manhattan to make the sand bed more apparent.

I wanna apologize for my cuticles. I actually got a few cuts and they're scabbing up on my pinky lol so I couldn't really get rid of those and my right hand is just ridiculously dehydrated compared to my left.

My nails got me feeling like summer needs to  be here now because I really do miss the beach and the sun. I need to work on my nail art. I'm so rusty haha. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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