AAspire Nail Lacquer Swatches

AASPIRE Nail Lacquer

I was recently contacted by April Watkins from Maryland, the creator of the brand AAspire Nail Lacquer. I was asked to do some swatches and reviews for their polishes. So here they are (: Initial thoughts were that I really liked the colors and what stood out the most to me was Aadan, Dash, Kofi and Kane. 
Top: Aadan, Dash, Kofi Bottom: Brock, Brody, Kane
Aadan: Is a bright green grass crelly. Since it is a crelly you need multiple coats to get full opacity. I have on here two coats under a base with a top coat. Formula was very smooth and not streaky at all. Only thing is if you want full opacity you will have to apply about three or four coats or possibly use it as layering.

Dash: This is a navy blue pearlescent polish. I absolutely love it very much. This is two coats over a base with a top coat and is opaque with one coat but I'm weird and always put two coats. The formula smooth and didn't streak it was just a bit thick for me but nothing a little drop of thinner couldn't fix. In the bottle you can see the pearlescent but on my nails not so much and under different lighting angles it did look matte.

Kofi: Says that it is a tangerine crelly but to me this looks more coral than anything. (Or I'm extremely color blind.) This is a very pretty summer color and one of my favorites. I have here two coats with a base and top coat. Formula is smooth and doesn't streak. Opaque in two coats.

Kane: Described as a fun sunny yellow. It is a bright yellow sunshine pearlescent polish. I am not a big fan of yellow but this one caught my eye especially in the bottle. Much like Dash you can see a pearlescent shimmer in the bottle. Here is two coats over a base with a top coat. I felt like I was in a field of daisies wearing this polish.

Brock: Basically a red micro glitter polish. I have on three coats on my ring finger so you can see it by itself and then the rest it is used two coats over Kane. You can get a good heaping amount with one coat depending on how much glitter you would like.

Brody: It is a vibrant bright red color. Much much more redder than Kofi. (I swear sometimes the range of red and orange and pink looks the same to me x.x) Formula is great no streaking and very smooth. I have on two coats over a base and with a top coat.

Overall I really like this brand. Formulas were great and smooth to apply. Drying time? Jeebus what drying time? These dried fairly quickly and when I was wearing it lasted me a week and a half without chipping. Mind you I play handball and work with my hands a lot so the fact that they were put through a lot a crazy things and didn't chip I very much was happy about it.

You can follow AAspire Nail Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram. These polishes and more are available on their website AAspire Beauty and they go for $7. A great price for great lacquer.

**products were given to provide honest review. please read disclosure policy.**