Wanderlust Lacquer Nail Mail

Wanderlust Lacquer yet again had gifted me some wonderful polishes and I have swatches for you guys to see!

Fire King. Described as is a red jelly base polish with holo red dots and multiple iridescent glitters. I have on here is two coats over a base and no top coat. I'm really loving the red and totally can see myself wearing this around the holidays and even for Chinese New Year. I'd definitely would wear this to a Chinese wedding as well because it just screams good luck in my opinion.

Broken Mirrors. Described as pink crelly polish with small gold hex glitter, small silver hex glitter and also small and large circle glitter. I have on three coats and no top coat. I really liked this one a lot even though I'm not a huge glitter person at all but I did love sporting this polish around for the day.

Le Disko. Described as a purple jelly polish filled with small purples square glitter, gold and silver small hex glitter, small silver circle glitter and larger circle glitter. I'm a sucker for purple polish. I swear if anyone can get me to like glitter polish it's this girl. This polish is two coats and no top coat.

Starfish Stew. Starfish Stew is white crelly with a variety of neon glitters that include; Green stars, yellow hex, micro pink hex, and purple hex. Again this is two coats and no top coat. I thought this was a super fun polish to wear and I did play with it all day haha.

Fawn. Described as a peachy polish with small iridescent glitter hex. It is also as glow in the dark polish and glows bright yellow in the dark. I have on two coats and I have to say I love GITD polishes because I can play puppets with them! I mean... what???

I showed it going from gradually light glow to maximum glow. I'm very happy to have gotten a black light because I would not have been able to showcase the glow at all.

Fire King, Starfish Stew and Fawn are available at Wanderlust Lacquer. Broken Mirrors and Le Disko will be available soon! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'm sorry it took so long to post something! Also as you can see my nails have been suffering they're different sizes and shapes and my cuticles forget it! But I am trying my best to get back into things so thank you for dealing with me! I really really love and appreciate all of you who have stuck with me!

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