For those of you who have followed me and stuck with me I graciously appreciate it. Only a few know of what is going on right now in my personal life and I'd like to keep it that way. I've been going through a few rough patches and slowly pushing myself to get back on my feet.

Throughout these next few weeks I hope to be able to post more and I already have a few scheduled that I never got to post, I just need to keep up with it in routine. My nails have suffered a lot due to my last few weeks at my job albeit that it ended earlier this month. I'm trying to hopefully get them fully restored and healthy again before doing any swatches. They look so bad that I'm so embarrassed by them now x.x

Good news is I have ordered all the supplies I need to start Aisuru Lacquer so I'm really excited to start and share that soon with everyone!

I also know that I said I was doing a giveaway and I'm postponing that until probably when I release Aisuru Lacquer and the prize will most likely be a full set of the polishes I'm making so bare with me!

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