Duri Amethyst

In my previous post I had said that my friend bought me some polishes (: Today I'm sharing another one that he purchased for me. I hope he knows how grateful and appreciative I am! Lol! (I TOLD YOU I'M FINALLY WRITING MY POSTS ON YOUR PURCHASED POLISHES!)

Here is Duri Cosmetics Amethyst. Described as royal purple with a slight shimmer. I have on two coats and no top coat. My ring finger has three coats hence why it's darker than the other fingers. It went on smooth and dried very quickly. I'm a sucker for purple polishes.

This does remind me very much of an Amethyst stone and I think it's gorgeous. I really do like how each coat gives it a much deeper hue. This polish can be found on Duri Cosmetics as well as many others. Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a happy Monday!

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