Simple Winter French & small updates

Hey guys! I just recently obtained my three free Zoya polishes to celebrate the New Year!~ I had ordered polishes from the Zenith Winter Collection since I have yet been able to buy them. I got Seraphina, Mosheen and Dream. Dream however was back ordered so for this post I have just simple nail art with both Seraphina and Mosheen.

Simple Winter French
Macro-ish shot of my Simple Winter French
I absolutely love both colors and the combination of the two. Gives me an idea for another mani but that will be for later! I apologize for my dry cuticles. It really has been a long time since I've given them any love but it is because I work with my hands all day in the cold so it's very difficult to keep them moisturized.

I reached 500+ followers on Facebook! I'm currently setting up a giveaway with some nail friends and hopefully soon the Rafflecopter will be up so look for that on here. I have a few more posts scheduled so it won't be so dead on my blog anymore and I'm really trying to stick with this. The reason why I haven't been on my blog is because I just recently got out of a relationship and I just needed time for myself and even though I'm still not 100% I decided to stop moping around and to start doing things to make me happy and this blog is definitely one of the things that makes me happy so don't fret I will be posting more soon!

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