Frozen themed nail art

Most of the world has probably seen this movie and I am not an exception. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I loved it so much that my winter french actually gave me some inspiration to do this cute little manicure.
Olaf Frozen themed nails
Olaf Frozen themed nails
Eeks... my cuticles really need some oil in them and balm.. (Winter needs to be over in all seriousness lol) Here they are! I tried my best to draw Olaf and well.. it doesn't look quite like him but you can tell it's him. As my base I used Zoya Blu, for my ring finger I used Zoya Mosheen. I used one coat of Zoya Mosheen on top of Blu and then used Essie Blanc to make small snow balls/flakes. On my ring finger I used Zoya Seraphina to make a snowflake and then Essie Blanc on top as another outline. Olaf was drawn using Essie Blanc and ORLY Liquid Vinyl. His nose is Zoya Sharon.

I really loved this movie a lot and it has connected with me so much the past few days and if you haven't seen it.. you must! It is definitely one of Disney's best films and the soundtrack and meaning is just too great to not know of. Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

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