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Hi ladies I agreed to help Itzel, creator of Polish Me To Go polishes, on reviewing her latest products. She recently created cuticle care products.

I have started using these products (as of Nov 13) and I will post up weekly my progress of how well my nails stay hydrated and healthy. This I believe is perfect since I'm trying to see how long I can keep my nails while at my seasonal job (I work at an ice skating rink).
Dry cuticles and didn't realized they were stained till now nails lol...
The picture above just shows you how badly I am at keeping my nails and hands in good condition. I absolutely never put on hand cream when I should but I'm trying to make a habit of it. I also have cuticle balms and oils but I only use the cuticle oil during my manicures when it should be all the time. Doesn't help that growing up I played a lot of basketball and handball so it shows on my hands that I've been very rough with them.

Regime I will be starting daily:
  • Every morning I will rub cuticle oil into my nails and cuticles
  • After each hand washing, wherever I am, I will rub cuticle balm into my nails and cuticles. Since I have two cuticle balms from PMTG I will carry my second one on me at all times
  • After dinner use the cuticle scrub.
  • Before bed I will rub cuticle balm into my nails and cuticles
Regime I will doing when I do my manicures:
  • After I take off all previous polishes I will wash my hands with warm soap and water and dry thoroughly
  • I will use the cuticle scrub as a prep
    • Directions for cuticle scrub:
      Apply to dry nail and cuticles prior o manicure. Massage for 30-60 seconds and gently push back cuticles with an orangewood stick. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water until all residue is completely gone. Dry hands and nails, repeat as needed.
  • Since using the scrub requires me to push back my cuticles I won't have to do that while using the oil but I will use cuticle oil for extra moisturization
  • If I am having a swatch fest then I will use the cuticle scrub and oil for the first swatch and last swatch
  • When my nails are fully dried (usually before I head to bed) I will rub cuticle balm into my nails and cuticles
So far it has been one day and I have followed the regime I have set for myself (: I have to say after one use of the cuticle scrub my fingers have never felt softer and I was excited. I can't wait to see how soft my hands will be after a week of this!

If you want to keep up with me I will be using this tag #AisuruPMTGnailcare on instagram in junction with #AisuruWinterNakies. The second one is just showing off how long my nails have gotten from the last time I showed my naked nails.

Have an awesome day everyone! Look forward to next week for an update!

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