#33DC Day 19: Follow Someone's Tutorial

#33DC stands for the 33 Day Challenge! This is hosted by Debbie Crumpet and run on the Facebook page Crumpet's Nail Tarts! Join us it's still not too late (:

So today is Day 17 and the theme for today is follow someone's tutorial. I chose to follow Sammy's (of The Nailasauraus) Nimbus Tutorial (which can be found here).
#33DC Day 19: Follow someone's tutorial

I used Essie's Blanc as my base and Zoya Song, Blu, and Suri to make the nimbus. I followed her directions exactly and they came out like this. I think I should have used pure creme polishes instead of ones that have a shimmer to it but I did like how they turned out overall. Like always I'm super impatient and that's why you see some streaking here and there because I didn't wait for my polish to dry before putting on the top coat.
#33DC Day 19: Follow someone's tutorial
Don't forget to check out the other ladies participating in this challenge. They're wonderful and super talented and deserve much love!

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