Vampy Bit Me Inspired Nails

I had my nails all set and prepped for New York Comic Con (NYCC). I was inspired by Linda Le who is an amazing cosplayer. Cosplay is basically when you dress up as a fictional character. Some people do it for a living and others for fun. Linda is known for her Youtube channel and also for cosplaying. Her handle is Vampy Bit Me. I find her very cute, sexy and adorable all in one. So for my inspiration I used her cosplay line up for all four days of comic con.
Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me NYCC Cosplay line up
(L-R) Jun the Swan, Female Punisher, New-52 Nightwing, Jessica Drew Spider Girl
Vampy Bit Me Inspired nails
I used a LOT of polishes to create all these superheros. The most polishes I've used in one mani I think!
Jun the Swan (pointer): Zoya Gei Gei as my base, Zoya Dana as the logo and then Zoya Elisa and Essie Blanc for the cape
Female Punisher (middle): Mentality Rascal as my base, Essie Blanc for the skull and then Orly Black Vinyl for the skull's features
New-52 Nightwing (ring): Mentatliy Rascal as the base and Zoya Maura for the Nightwing's crest
Jessica Drew Spider Girl (pinky): Zoya Darcy as base, Zoya Elisa for red and ORLY Liquid Vinyl for the outline
Vampy Bit Me logo (thumb): Zoya Micky as base, ORLY Liquid Vinyl for letters and Essie Blanc for accent marks
Vampy Bit Me Inspired nails
Here's the photos from NYCC from when I met her and showed her the nail art (: Also showing her in costume! I missed the first two days so I couldn't get pictures with her in Jun the Swan or Punishner :(
Stella Chu (left) and Linda Le (right) admiring my nail art (:
Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me as New-52 Nightwing and me
Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me as Jessica Drew Spider Girl and me
I had a lot of fun doing this mani and also loved all the compliments given to me to those who saw the design (: She even posted it on her Instagram! Kyahh!! (:

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