New York Comic Con & Updates! (NOT JUST NAILS)

Updates on my personal life that kept me from posting.


This is an update blog post! If you want the post on JUST MY COMIC CON NAILS that will be here.
If you want to skip the ugly and disgusting part start reading from Comic Con & Goodies (:

Hi everyone! As you may know my blog was pretty dead for the week. I apologize! I was recently hit with a stomach bug (either stomach virus or food poisoning) that was going around. Was down and heaving up bile for a good two days. I wasn't able to do any posts or even be on my phone because I was either dizzy or stuck with my head in the toilet. Sorry for the unpleasant picture. AND I EVEN MISSED THE FIRST TWO DAYS OF COMIC CON AND ALL THE PANELS! Sorry inner nerd popped out. I did manage to feel better by the second day of Comic Con and I did go and I also did my nails for that which I will post more below.

Anyways! I have already posted the posts that were supposed to be up so you can read those and check them out! Days 9 and 10 have been posted for the #33DC. So in case you were wondering what those days were, they were Day 9: Indian and Day 10: Flowers.

Onward to my Comic Con nails and the stuff I did, saw and bought!

Comic Con & Goodies

My adventure to Comic Con! More and most of my pictures are on my personal instagram here. So go check it out and follow me there if you'd like ^^

Saturday 10/12: Got up and literally threw on my outfit for Comic Con. I cosplayed as Kagome from Inuyasha (: Surprisingly the first thing I saw when I got there was someone cosplaying Inuyasha! Now imagine me weak from lack of real food since all I've been eating was porridge running up to the person asking for a picture. LOL (: The person was nice enough to take pictures with me which made me very happy and a wonderful way to start my first convention.
Kagome (me) & Inuyasha cosplay!
Afterwards I went to meet one of my favorite cosplayers! Linda Le also known as Vampy Bit Me (: She's sweet and amazing and I go fan girl when I see her hahas. My nails were actually of her entire cosplay line up for NYCC. Unfortunately I was only there Saturday and Sunday so I couldn't get pictures with her when she dressed up Thursday and Friday. But here's us!
Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me as New-52 Nightwing and Kagome (me)
 Here is her and another cosplayer Stella Chu. They shared a booth this year. This is when I showed her my nails of her cosplay line up (: I'm forever grateful to have bumped into my friend Sam who took this photo for me! Thank you again Sam for capturing this unforgettable moment for me!
Stella Chu & Linda Le admiring my Vampy Bit Me inspired mani for NYCC
Here are my nails! Sorry for you know the hold up and stuffs! But ta-dah!! She really loved them and she went OMG THOSE ARE MY COSPLAY OUTFITS! (: We had a good 10 minute conversation with photo-ops and everything. This moment literally was a great way to come back from my awful stomach bug.
NYCC Vampy Bit Me inspired nails (: by me!
L-R: Jun the Swan, Female Punisher, New-52 Nightwing & Spider Girl Jessica Drew
Close up of my nails including thumb under lightbox
NYCC Vampy Bit Me inspired nails (:
L-R: Jun the Swan, Female Punisher, New-52 Nightwing & Spider Girl Jessica Drew
Thumb: Vampy Bit Me Logo
The rest of Saturday I was walking around and buying all sorts of cute things! Then I also met the creator of Tokidoki designs! Simone Legno is a talented artist and I fell in love with his designs many years ago when he started it in 2006. I had went early and got a pass to see him and have him draw on anything I had so I got two DIY Adios and had him draw on one for me and my best friend (:
Simone Legno, creator of Tokidoki with me and my boyfriend
 Sunday 10/12: I decided to dress up as modern day witch of Harry Potter. I wore the same outfit to the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.
Modern day witch of Harry Potter at HPDHp2 premiere
Again I had to go stop by and see Linda aka Vampy Bit Me. Today she was Jessica Drew Spider Girl. We matched in colors (: I'm a proud Gryffindor in reality but on Pottermore I'm in Ravenclaw and yes I do support my online house ~ (NERDDDD ALERT LMFAO)
Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me as Jessica Drew Spider Girl and  me
 I also stopped by my favorite comic book store's pop up shop. They were having a drawing contest and I entered.
me and my drawing for St. Mark's drawing contest in their pop up shop
 Last  but not least! Here are all the goodies I got from my weekend at comic con! I have a lot of plushies and DIY Adios that Simone Legno drew on and autographed. I also got a Tokidoki tshirt. I even found NAIL POLISH THERE! Lol Fandom Cosmetics had a booth set up and I purchased two polishes: Tardis and Frostbite. I have more goodies that aren't shown because I can't seem to find where I placed them but (: Overall I enjoyed my first New York Comic Convention experience and I can't wait until next year!
Goodies from Comic Con
Fandom Cosmetics: Tardis (L) and Frostbite(R)
Anyone else went to New York Comic Con? Did you cosplay? Tell me I would love to hear your experience! (: 


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