#33DC Day 5: Mexican Mani

#33DC stands for the 33 Day Challenge! This is hosted by Debbie Crumpet and run on the Facebook page Crumpet's Nail Tarts! Join us it's still not too late (:

So today is Day 4 and the theme is Mexican Mani. I had no idea what to do... Let alone I also was not prepared for this. Only have two colors to work from I attempted sugar skulls. Ok let me rephrase I attempted 'A' sugar skull. I practically only did the crown and half the eyes but to me it doesn't even seem like it. I'm not happy with it and all the other entries already blew me away but next challenge mani I will conquer it!

#33DC Day 5: Mexican Mani (in lightbox)
I used Zoya Cynthia as my base and then used Essie's Blanc for the outline design. I found my Covergirl Coral and used that as an accent color. Basically the pointer and middle finger is supposed to be one eye and the ring and pinky is the other eye. You can't see it much. I'm disappointed in myself and this definitely was a challenge for me. Thoughts?
#33DC Day 5: Mexican Mani (in lightbox)
Also don't forget to check out the wonderful ladies also participating in this! They all did such a better job than me (:

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