#33DC Day 13: Chinese

#33DC stands for the 33 Day Challenge! This is hosted by Debbie Crumpet and run on the Facebook page Crumpet's Nail Tarts! Join us it's still not too late (:

So today is Day 13 and the theme for today is Chinese. This to me was easy because I'm Chinese and what better way to show off my heritage and culture than to do nail art (: I used Zoya Verashucka as my base, Zoya Goldie and Elisa as my art. I then covered it with top coat hence why the Verashucka is so glossy instead of matte (:
#33DC Day 13: Chinese under lightbox
 So let me start off by saying that I based this whole mani on me. I was born in the Year of the Snake hence why there is a snake on my pointer and also why there is the character for Snake on my ring finger along with 2013. This year is the year of the Snake. On my middle finger is actually my Chinese name. It's difficult to read seeing as I am horrible at Chinese calligraphy. 林思诗 is how it's supposed to look like haha. My Chinese name stands for 'Forest of Thinking Books' roughly... As you may, or may not know, each character in the Chinese language or any Asian language has it's own meaning and can be interpreted many ways. There's also more than one character to describe one word. My last name "林" (pronunced 'lum' in Cantonese and 'lin' in Mandarin) means Forest. My first name "思诗" (pronounced 'ci ci' in cantonese and 'shi shi' in Mandarin) the first character means thinking and the second means book. Mind you this is the easiest and closest way to describe it. I'm Asian-American and I am horrible at Chinese. I wish put into Chinese school when I was younger. Lastly I just put a little heart on my pinky.
#33DC Day 13: Chinese under lightbox
#33DC Day 13: Chinese close up of my name and heart
#33DC Day 13: Chinese close up of my snake and calligraphy
#33DC Day 13: Chinese under lightbox
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