#33DC Day 11: 3D Nails

#33DC stands for the 33 Day Challenge! This is hosted by Debbie Crumpet and run on the Facebook page Crumpet's Nail Tarts! Join us it's still not too late (:

So today is Day 11 and the theme for today is 3D nails. I was stumped... Like 3D red & blue? Or add 3D items onto the nail like studs and filo, etc. So I went and asked my amazing friend Melanie and she told me that studs would work best and to just keep it simple (: So I decided to do this...
#33DC Day 11: 3D Nails in sunlight
I used Cirque Colors Magnum Opus as my base. I then added circle studs on the middle of each nail near my nail bed and also added two tear drop studs to my accent nail. I just can't get over how beautiful Magnum Opus is... now to just spam you with and over load of pictures!
#33DC Day 11: 3D Nails in sunlight macro-ish shot
 Look at that rainbow yummy holo goodness x.x
#33DC Day 11: 3D Nails in sunlight
 Even slightly the rainbow holo still shows
#33DC Day 11: 3D Nails in sunlight bottle shot
#33DC Day 11: 3D Nails in sunlight bottle shot.
I really can't get over how gorgeous the polish is (: Don't forget to check out the other ladies participating in this challenge! Show them some love~

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