Tutorial: Totoro Nail Art

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Anime Tutorial: Totoro!

My boyfriend LOVES Totoro. I decided to do some nail art on his favorite animated movie (: I've never seen it but I do know that Totoro and his friends have similar body shapes so you can also switch the colors around if you want to create the other ones! Don't forget to hashtag #AisuruNailsInspired so I can see your work (:
(note* - I only use nail polish to do my nail art not acrylic paints!)

What you'll need:
  • painting palette
  • 4 polish colors:
    - Turquoise (background)
    - Grey (Totoro & his tummy marks)
    - White (Totoro's tummy & white of eyes)
    - Black (Eyes and whiskers) [for this if you choose to create the other characters with similar bodies you can swap out Totoro's signature grey for a different color]
  • Dotting tool
  • Thin paint brush
Step 1: Apply clear base coat to your nail so that it won't be stained from nail polish. After you've applied your clear base coat, apply 1 coat of your Turqouise polish. I used Color Club's Blue Ming.

Step 2: Take your Grey polish (I used Zoya's Dove) and place a couple drops on your palette. You may use acrylic paint if you wish. Take your thin paint brush and dip it in the polish and make sure you have a thin amount. Draw two lines to indicate the ears. Then go over them again to make them look like triangles.

*note: clean your paint brush with acetone/water, depending on what you're painting with, after each use! Especially with nail polish so that it doesn't stick and clump!

Step 3: You can choose to stick with the paint brush or use the polish's brush at this point. Take your Grey polish and draw a half moon shape to create Totoro's body. Make sure you connect his ears and body or he'd just look silly.

Step 4: Color in Totoro's body with the Grey polish.

Step 5: Take your White polish (I used China Glaze's White on White) and place a few drops on your palette. With the thin paint brush (make sure it's clean!) dip it in the white and draw a half moon from the bottom left corner to the bottom right corner of your nail. This will be Totoro's tummy!

Step 6: Using your dotting tool dip it in the White polish and give Totoro a pair of eyes.

Step 7: By this time the White polish Totoro Tummy you just painted should be a bit dry. Take your paint brush and dip it in the Grey polish (if it has dried up by now then use pour another drop onto your palette) make sure you have a thin amount. Draw 3 karat's on his tummy. (^^^) <-- should look like that
Step 8: Put a few drops of Black polish (I used ORLY's Liquid Vinyl) on your palette. Take your dotting tool and give Totoro some irises so he can see unless you want a creepy zombie like Totoro x.x After you've given him some eyes take your paint brush and dip it in the Black polish making sure you have a thin amount and proceed to draw whiskers on Totoro just right below his eyes.

When you're done I suggest waiting 2 minutes for your nails to dry a bit before applying a top coat.
And that's all there is to it (:

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Remember if you are inspired to recreate this design please hashtag #AisuruNailsInspired on Instagram so I can see them or post it on my facebook wall.

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