Tutorial: Striping Tape - Making X's

*Note: This tutorial was migrated from my previous site 'nailsbyjkl.tumblr.com'

I've recently decided to try to get better with striping tape. Here's a simple tutorial I came up with (:
I used all textured polish but you can use whatever polish you desire.
Materials needed:
  • 3 polishes: one base color, two design colors
  • striping tape of any color and size that you prefer, i only have thin striping tape and randomly chose blue.
  • make up sponge
Firstly chose your base color for me it was Liquid Sky Lacquer's Glass Slippers. Paint your nails with a base coat, to protect your nails, and then two coats of your chosen base color. Allow it to DRY COMPLETELY. When you have achieved that step you may follow the tutorial below (:

Step 1: Take your striping tape and cut 4 pieces that are about twice as long as your nail. Then place them in an X form like shown above. Remember the order in which you placed down the tapes. If you do not remember it can possibly ruin the design.

Step 2: Take your first design color (I chose Zoya Miranda) and place some polish on your make up sponge as shown.

Step 3: Dab the make up sponge with the polish on your nail. Don't worry about getting it on your cuticles we'll clean that up later.

Step 4: Take your second design color (I chose Zoya Stevie) and place some polish on the other side of your make up sponge.

Step 5: Dab the make up sponge with the polish on the other half of the nail you have yet to cover. Let your nails dry for about 1 minute 30 secs.

**(You can combine steps 2-5 if you already know how to do gradient nails. I did it one by one because these were textured polishes and I didn't want the polish to dry before I could get my desired effect.)**

Step 6: Did you remember which tape you had placed last? Good you're going to remove the one first. Then remove the rest of the tape carefully.

Step 7: Take a pointed Q-tip or thin eye liner brush and clean up around the edges. Your final product should look like the picture below.
You can play around with it and do what you like (: I experimented and didn't let my nails dry nor remember which tape I placed first which is why my pointer finger suffered but overall I think it still looks good. Oh and if you're wondering why my ring finger has a blue stain on it... my striping tape apparently bleeds x.x so be careful of that girls.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Comments or questions enter them below (:

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