My Nail Polish Hunt in NYC on 09.07.2013

Today was a very eventful day for me. Whereas my boyfriend and I literally walked around New York City and every where we went there was nail polish!

Our first stop was a street fair. It was on 3rd Ave from 23rd St. to 14th St. NYC is known for their street fairs where everything is a bit cheaper than in the store. One of booths I frequent every time I pass by one of these fairs is the Cosmetics Booth. Keep in mind there are probably a lot of these but there is one particular one and you know because they'll be saying

"NAIL POLISH FOR $3!! BUY 3 FOR $10!!!"

Excuse me!? $3!! YES PLEASE! So you'll start to look and find colors that you probably don't have or back ups you need. They carry a lot of Essies. From base coats to top coats, cuticle oil to nail treatments. They also carry the Luxe Effects line, previous collections, Magnetic collection and the Snake skin collection. And yes these are all $3 each. (Keep in mind sometimes it's $4 each. Depending on the area it is in. Seeing as everything is getting a bit more expensive I wouldn't be surprised if these are $4.) 

They not only carry Essie but they also have Color Club, Ruby Wing, L' Oreal, Maybelline and some non brand names. Majority is Essie though. You can imagine that I went crazy. I bought a bunch of mini polishes because they were $2/each and 3 for $5. Surprising my nail mail buddies with these because they were just too cute! I also picked up extra base, top and Blanc polish. If you buy a lot of polishes they always give you a cosmetics bag to take home as an incentive too!

If you're ever in NYC or you live and don't know where these street fairs take place, you're in luck. In my gifted cosmetic bag was a calendar showing where and when they will be for the rest of 2013!

Another thing we did today was visit a Zoya Nail Polish Pop Up Booth. They teamed up with People's Style Watch Magazine and did a small pop up booth on 68th Street and Broadway right next to the Lincoln Center AMC Theater. Also a few blocks away from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Show!

This is a picture taken from Zoya's Instagram page. Here you can see the giant bottle of Zoya polish and behind it is a mini salon with ALL the Zoya colors. You can get a free manicure! They were also giving out goodie bags!

Here's me holding up two goodie bags! In the goodie bags was the latest edition of StyleWatch, a Zoya nail polish from their Cashmere or Satin line, a promo code for 1 free Zoya nail polish from their website, a sample of Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer, and a bag of Lindt Milk Chocolates! Also the bag is made by Baggu and they are foldable. They also come with their own carry case.

If you're planning on heading there tomorrow, Sunday, September 8th, 2013. They will be there from 11am-7pm and they will be giving free manicures out only until 5pm. I was unable to make it today for the free manicure but I scored goodie bags so I'm happy with that.

Anyone else attended these events today? If you got a free manicure how was it? Hopefully the next pop up booth they have I can get a free manicure (:

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