My meet and greet with Zoya

This past weekend there was a bunch of events going on for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. On Saturday and Sunday there was a Fast and Fabulous event sponsored by Zoya, People Style Watch Magazine, Smashbox, Coca-Cola, and Lindt. In my previous post I had stated I went by on Saturday to get goodie bags. The following day, Sunday, I went back because I wanted to get another goodie bag and possibly a manicure.

When I got there the line was pretty long but there was technically two lines. One was for a manicure by Zoya and the second was for a make over by Smashbox. I decided to get a make over because I prefer to do my own nails. I learned so much about make up that I didn't know before and I was glad to have chosen the make over instead of the manicure. After my make over I noticed a bunch of Zoya Fairies going around taking pictures. So I introduced myself, my blog and met each fairy one by one and also met the head of Public Relations! I was so ecstatic and we all took pictures together and I also showed them my Zoya Autumn Waterfall nail art. They loved it!
Here is the picture we took together in front of their giant Zoya polish bottle cut out. I really enjoyed the time I spent with them. After we exchanged social media and business cards they gave me an extra gift! The Peter Som Fashion Week nail polish set! I was literally about to cry! I have to say that Zoya is literally the best when it comes to customer service and generosity. These women love what they do and they enjoy sharing it. It was really an honor and a pleasure that I had met these wonderful women. I can not wait for the next event they do in NYC because I will definitely be there! If you ever have a chance to meet these wonderful women do not hesitate to introduce yourself and show off any nail art you've done with their polishes!

So one more quick thing before I end my post. Below is a video of all the polishes I attained this past weekend at the Fast and Fabulous event. (Don't mind the background sounds. I suggest lowering the volume.) I will most likely be doing swatches of them within the next few days as well as nail art challenges!

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