Music Love Nail Art Mani

Music has been a big part of my life. The other day I saw some phone cases that were themed around the treble clef and measure bars. So I decided to do my own take on what I saw.

This manicure is based on my love for music. On my thumb I drew music and the infinity sign signifying music forever. My pointer is a bass clef because I love music that has a deep base that I can rock out to. You can't have music without notes (: Lastly my pink is a pair of headphones. If you ever see me walking around I'll almost always have my headphones on and music blasting. So if you say 'Hi' and I don't notice don't worry it's just because my music is so loud xD

Here's a close up. I used Essie Blanc as my base. I drew all the music notes and things in black using ORLY Liquid Vinyl. The measure bar on my ring finger was Zoya Dove. Lastly the hearts were done in Zoya Livingston. Sorry about the smudging... I didn't let my nails dry enough before putting on a top coat. I think it looks pretty cool though like an angst kinda love for music.

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