DIY Lightbox

Today I'm going to post something that I think all nail bloggers would enjoy knowing the alternative: how to create your own light box!

Most light boxes go for about $20-$100. Price and quality go hand in hand for this one. The more expensive the better the light box. I have an alternative for you! You can create you own light box from home. I made two (one for my apt and one for my boyfriend's when I am over there.) If you want a collapsible and portable light box then you'll have to buy one online or improvise. I'm pretty sure I could have made it a collapsible light box but to take it apart and set it back up sounded like more work than it should be. On to the tutorial!

Materials you will need
Materials & where to find/buy:
  • Cardboard box (12 x 12 x 12)- can buy from Staples from $2.99
    - you can go to a liquor store, costco's, drugstore and ask if they have any square boxes that they won't be needing anymore.
    *lucky for me on my second box staples was doing back to school season and they had tons of cardboard boxes just laying there to throw away so I asked to take it free of charge (:
  • Poster board
    - can buy from Staples comes in a packet of 3 for $1.99
    *make sure it's the flimsy one in a plastic bag and not the foam board!
  • Tracing paper or white tissue paper
    - can buy from any art supply store ranging starting at $4.99 (the more expensive it is the better the quality but you don't need such a high quality tracing paper.)
    *I was an art student during college and I had left over tracing paper so I suggest maybe looking through old things or your children's school supplies if they have any left over to save some money
    white tissue paper: I am 100% sure everyone has this lying around for Christmas season! If you have white tissue paper you're all set!
  • Box cutter or scissors (*I recommend box cutter because it's easier to cut)
  • Masking tape or clear packaging tape (not shown)
  • Scotch tape (not shown)
  • Ruler 
  • Marker

  1. Make your box! Make sure you have one side open and the other side closed, as if you were going to put items away into it.
  2. Mark your box top, any side will do
  3. Cut the flap of the top side carefully with your box cutter
  4. With your marker and ruler make a 1 inch border on the top, left and right side of the box as shown.
    STEP 4: Make 1 inch border
     5.  With your box cutter carefully cut out the square in the middle (mine's a rectangle because I picked up a rectangular box, whoops lol)

STEP 5: Cut out the square
     6. Take your tracing paper or tissue paper and make sure you cut it to 12 x 12 to place on top of the box to cover the holes on all 3 sides. Tape it with your stronger tape (i.e: masking or clear packaging tape) If your tracing paper or tissue paper does not fit entirely then you can tape two pieces together with scotch tape and then cut it accordingly. This will be your light filter.
STEP 6: Tape the paper to the top of the box
     7. Take your poster board (make sure it is 12 x 14) and put a strip of masking or clear packaging tape to one 12 inch edge. Tape that to the inside of the box towards the top. This will be your back drop.
STEP 7: Tape poster board to box from inside
     8. Ta-dah! Your box is complete! and it should look like this
Finished Light Box!

Want to know why you should you a light box? Here are some pictures showing you what I used to do compared to pictures using a light box.

With Light Box
With no light box

Using a white background and direct light
What my white background was which I might add worked quite well
Using a light box guarantees the closest lighting to show off the color of your polish. If you don't want to get a light box using a white background and direct lighting you can get a similar effect. Ever since I made my own light box and used it for pictures I feel like my pictures look more professional and show color better.

I know this was a long post but I hope that it was worth it. It was meant to be informative and fun. If you used my tutorial to create your own light box please don't hesitate to show me or even ask me for help!


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