Bestie Twin Nails with Elaine!

I recently met a girl who also has a love for nail polish and arts like I do. Her name is Elaine K. and she is an amazing artist! Check out her stuff on Instagram.

Elaine and I have decided to challenge ourselves and do Bestie Twin Mani's every Friday! So for our first BTM we're doing Galaxy nails!

Here is a picture with both our nails (: Elaine currently is wearing Acrylics and had her nails done already for an event of her own but she promised we would start today our Bestie Twin Nails so she did them on another set of acrylics shown below. I really think they came out nicer than mine!
Top: Elaine aka Loveemynailsz
Bottom: Me aka Aisuru Nails
Here are photos of just my nails under a light box and in direct sunlight. Polishes used are Zoya (Storm, Aurora, Edie, Goldie and Mason), Essie (Blanc), and Polish Me To Go (Spectraflair Top Coat and Violetta Popper Topper). I used a base coat of Essie Grow Stronger and Essie Protein Base. Applied two coats of Storm. I used the Saran Wrap method to create the galaxy. I did the colors in this order, in no specific direction just randomly all over my nails; Aurora, Mason, Edie, and Goldie. I then used my dotting tool and made "stars" with Essie Blanc. I put one coat of Spectraflair Top Coat and let the design dry. Then I put on two coats of Violetta. I then put another coat of Spectraflair Top Coat and when it dried I put on the final clear coat top coat to seal in everything! These do Glow in the Dark but I don't have any UV light and the sun is not hitting my window :( 

Galaxy Nails in Light box

Galaxy Nails Under Sunlight

Galaxy Nails Under Sunlight #2
What do you guys think? Don't forget to check out Elaine's Galaxy nails too! Show her some love on Instagram (:

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