#33DC Day 2: Most Used Nail Polish

#33DC stands for the 33 Day Challenge! This is hosted by Debbie Crumpet and run on the Facebook page Crumpet's Nail TartsSo today is Day 2 and the theme is your most used colour polish. I interpreted this as the polish I have used the most and that would be my Zoya Sativa. It is a royal purple polish that dries matte. I had no idea really what to do so I tried my hand at floral art because my florals aren't always as pretty as I imagine them to be in my head.
#33DC Day 2: Most Used Color Polish (under light box)
I used Zoya Sativa as my base and then used Julep Renee and Essie Blanc to draw the flower petals. I think you can see that I attempted one stroke nail art but it failed :( is it only possible with acrylic paints? Has anyone ever done one stroke with nail polish and succeeded? Let me know if you have! So ta-dah here they are!
#33DC Day 2: Most Used Color Polish (natural light shaded)
Don't forget to check out the other ladies doing this challenge as well! Show them some love :) Also if you have any tips and tricks for me on improving my florals please let me know! 

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